The Mentor

to Millions

"Passion and purpose are the energizing force fueling every great success of human achievement." - Keith Froehling

I hired Keith in 2010 as a career coach to help me get my business on track. I was so impressed with his experience and knowledge. I attended one of his seminars and listened in on a couple of webinars he had and they were so full of helpful information. Keith is very good at following up with you and working with you one-on-one to ensure that you fully understand and comprehend what you need to be more successful. The biggest thing, which I needed most, is he holds you accountable and makes sure you achieve the goals you set for yourself. I would recommend Keith to anyone needing to get their career, business, priorities and goals on track.                                                                             - Jennifer Milele

"Very very good! He is like Napoleon Hill - only better! I definitely want personal coaching." 

– Supriya Patel, California

Keith helps you find and achieve your peak potential by helping your develop your assets ~ because Keith sees you as an individual.  He listens to your needs and helps you feel that feeling of success.

The truth is you may feel like you are in the hot-seat every once in awhile, but you will soon understand why ~ as you see success.  You will see results.  He offers you ideas ~ ideas that work.  They work because Keith shows you how to implement.  And that is key.  So many times, we can become overwhelmed with ideas, and we don’t know what or how to implement.  

Keith takes away all the questions.  And, gives you answers!  When you have the answers, life feels balanced.  Life is balanced.  You know you are worth it.  Be the executive ~ the decision maker ~ of your life.

Fill in the blanks.

I am _________________________________________.

I want _______________________________________.

I love ________________________________________.

My Goal is ______________________________________________.

I need to ________________________________________________.

I should have _____________________________________________.

What I MUST make a MUST Today ______________________________________.

Know. Believe. Call. Keith. 

Keith offers a Full Immersion Coaching that is a specialized coaching on the areas of your life that you desire to improve. Whether business or personal or even communication, Keith's coaching will change your life!

Reflection is the best part of a leader … it is the most honest part of a leader. What does your reflection say about you? Better your reflection with 1-on-1 Coaching.

Do you strive to talk with someone directly?  Crave that human connection?  Maybe you feel a 1-on-1 or small group setting is best for you.  Keith offers a coaching experience that fits any budget.  Because you deserve to feel empowered. You deserve to live the life you want.  

You deserve to meet your goals.  You deserve relationships that serve you.  You deserve … the best.  Connect with Keith!

One-on-One Mentoring