The Mentor

to Millions

Tony Robbins

"Keith, You're Awesome!" "A Great speaker with a wealth of knowledge. " – Robert Allen,

author of "Nothing Down" and

"Multiple Streams of Income"

“It is amazing that you find the time to inspire our nation’s youth and share with them what they are worth. Keep teaching and inspiring.” – Stedman Graham,

Best-Selling Author of "Who Are You? A Success Process For Building Your Life’s Foundation" and "You Can Make It Happen

“Keith, you are truly an inspiration to

me. You have overcome many

obstacles in your life and found your

place teaching and inspiring others.”

 ~ Lou Ferrigno, Mr. Universe and

                            The Incredible Hulk

Keith, you amaze me. Your ability to maximize potential is phenomenal! You walk it, talk it, and make it happen! You have the power to do it all – and you are! Everyone needs to watch, listen, and learn from you. If someone

is given the opportunity to be coached by you,

they need to jump up and take action, now!” 

Keith's presentation was informative and thought provoking. He has an amazing ability to communicate great ideas and leave you feeling empowered." – Anthony Campbell, Saturn

"Keith showed an abundance of enthusiasm and energy, and the tips he shared with us will not only help increase production, but will help in our everyday lives. We have not had this type of training for a very long time."– Mark Walsh, Cox Communications

"Keith's workshop far superseded that of any other speaker we have had in the past. He excercised eloquence in every word he spoke, and his positive energy generated throughout the room. He speaks from the heart, he is an excellent speaker, coach and leader with a powerful personality." – Siddy Coakley, Jackson Memorial Hospital and President of Toastmasters Speakers Bureau - South Florida

"Keith, continue to Live your Purpose, I know you are truly Unstoppable!" – Cynthia Kersey, author of the book Unstoppable.

"I enjoyed the time, I changed my opinion very quickly. I came today with a preconception of what this training was going to be like; Keith had me on the edge of my seat. What a refreshing course, I did a complete 180."– Steve Alves, Chapel Funding

"The spiritual connection was huge and Keith’s sincerity confirms all that I have been seeking to know. Thankyou for blessing us with your powerful energy." – Judy Holdsworth, Chapel Funding

"Very Very good! He is like Napoleon Hill only better! I definitely want personal coaching." – Suprya Patel

"Keith, you did a great job! Thank you for making a difference in this world!" - Sandra Castro

"Very well presented, I really appreciate the giving and loving aspect of your approach." 
– David Blain

"What a powerful day filled with tons of inspiration and purpose! Thank you for your love, your care and your contribution to humanity." – Angela Ortiz

"I had a great time Keith. Thanks for everything! By the way, I pulled away more than one thing that I will use.

Thanks again!" – Rick Freyre

"I have so much respect for what you are doing and what you have given up to share yourself with us." – Sarah Hancock

"Thank you Keith for who you are and what you provide for people. You are an inspiration, a truly loving and

beautiful person." – Megan Scott

"I want to thank you for the amazing effort that you put into this seminar. Your speaking, skill, and knowledge are very

impressive. I have been to many seminars and I found yours quite enjoyable! –Roger Malone Jr.

"This was the fastest one day event I have ever been to! It went by so quick, I wanted more yet I was left with very powerful principles that I realized again lie within me! Thanks again for the reminder!" –Mark Pauza

Once you have worked with Keith, see him speak, or even just meet him at an event, you will understand why others have said these magnificient things about him, his trainings, and the results he brings!

Keith's Results = Your Results