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Programs can be scheduled for a keynote presentation, breakout session, half-day seminar, full-day seminar, or multiple-day events. 

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"No problem can withstand the sustained power of great attitudes and extraordinary energy. They are like ripples in the water - they spread."

Keith’s Trainings are perfect for:

The Corporate Environment
Groups/Organizations/Networking Events/Non-Profits
Sports Teams
Education Conferences
Church Retreats 

Using his expertise in Communication (building trust and rapport and influencing with integrity), Motivation and Mindset (belief systems, focus, desire, attitude and psychology), Sales Techniques and Fundamentals (goal setting, taking action, persuasion, and achieving results), as well as Team Building and Leadership (creating and maintaining momentum, morale, and relationships), Keith will impact your life!

Reasons to Book Keith

  • Powerful Experience with an Impactful Message
  • Proven Track Record with the Ability to Connect & Deliver
  • Experienced Entrepreneur and Dream Builder
  • Successful Sales & Leadership Record Holder
  • Maximized Results 

**BONUS** Top Inspirational & Sales Speaker (leader) ~ With a heart for others, Keith believes in doing more than making a difference. He believes in creating a lasting impact ~ helping others create a legacy.

Siddy Coackley of Jackson Memorial Hospital and President of Toastmasters Speakers Bureau said this after hearing Keith speak, "Keith's presentation far superseded that of any other speaker we have had in the past. He exercised eloquence in every word he spoke, and his positive energy generated throughout the room. He speaks from the heart; he is an excellent communicator, coach, and leader with a dynamic personality."

The landscape of business may be changing over and over again, but the keys still remain constant:  Communication and Inspiration!  Keith is a master at BOTH!  Plus, he brings the latest trends that you need for success in today’s business environment.

Applied Theory = Experience

​Living Life is more than going through the motions.  It is passion.

Take a moment to be inspired, to laugh, to gain knowledge.  Keith brings a warmth yet a firmness in how to gain focus, keep it, and use it.  Yes, he uplifts while using humor for as soon as the audience identifies knowledge with laughter their chances of taking action immediately increases.  Anytime you bring in Keith ~ you are guaranteed a fun and interactive experience!

"No problem can withstand the sustained power of great attitudes and extraordinary energy. They are like ripples in the water - they spread."

Invite Keith to speak or train your team, your company, your business, or your organization.  Whether it is your annual event, quarterly conference, monthly team rally, awards banquet or any other opportunity to impact your team ~ Keith is Your Must!  He is your go-to-solution! 

He shrares and speaks about the very concepts, disciplines, and business practices that have enabled him to achieve high levels of success with every company, with every client, and in all areas of life!

There is always a reason "Why." Here's Your WHY to invite

The Mentor to Millions (Keith) to Speak to

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