The Mentor

to Millions

Turbo Charged Communication
Rev it up!

  • 3 Key Techniques to sell in any economy
  • Turn Fear into ACTION and Power
  • Pump UP Your Life
  • Get 5 Tools to Elevate your Influence Abilities
  • Implement 3 Key Tips to have FAITH in You and All You Do

Master YES
During this 14-month experience, Keith will use fun and exciting exercises, small group discussions, and proven key strategies to share with you how to:
• Master the art of communication
• Find and perfect your niche
• Build products (teleseminars, C3D's, workbooks, live events)
• Training to create your 30-second elevator speech
• Professional and up-to-date headshot
• Press kits information
• Online and offline marketing strategies

Influence with Integrity
Create Your Success Formula! People love to buy! As much as they love to buy they don’t like to be sold. How do you sell without selling?  Keith will share the secret with you! We do not sell "products." We sell who we are.  Keith partners with you during this event to find out what will work for you!

  • Open up fresh revenue streams and discover new promotion.
  • Surpass your sales targets and close more sales in less time.
  • Create tons of referrals from your customers with ease.
  • Perk Up your meeting rate with qualified prospects.
  • Gain a new self confidence

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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of Life's coming attractions. - Albert Einstein

Keith, you helped me in my personal and professional lives. I have a better understand of my family and how to have the self-confidence I desire to succeed.
~ Jeremey Page

"The weekend gave me a concrete direction. The coaching and preparation prior to the event itself was exemplary. Keith is an individual who has accomplished and is accomplishing amazing things, yet he makes himself accessible. The conference was truly inspiring and delivered everything as promised and more. I am looking forward to future learning under Keith's leadership." - Jasmin Tucker, Canada​

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The Mentor to Millions, and personally ask him your question!

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Feel reenergized. Feel alive. Keith's live events are energetic and extraordinary experiences. Keith's seminars focus on breaking through barriers, taking action, selling with integrity, mastering communication, and achieving success and fulfillment. Turn your fear into power. Develop the capability to influence thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Keith's passion and drive combined with his knowledge and experience will give you the life you deserve ~ fulfilling your deepest, most powerful desires. They focus on goal setting, breaking through barriers, taking immediate action, selling with integrity, mastering communication, and achieving success and fulfillment. 

His passion for life and helping others truly radiates with every word he says.

Rediscovering Your True Wealth
Do you know just how much you are worth?  Do you find life, business, daily activities worth it?  Because the process Keith offers is so deep and powerful, this live event will consist of an intimate group of like-minded individuals.  So, get ready to create massive shifts in your life!

  • Understand and Master the 3 main communication styles 
  • 4 Steps to Achieving Your Profitable Results 
  • Create Positive Habits by Getting the Right Support 

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