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A goal once achieved is no longer attainable. We are constantly and consistently seeking new ways to achieve. It is at the core of our very being. Are you seeking today? - Keith Froehling

No matter a person’s status or level of achievement, those who have reached the top of success do not sit on their hands when their goals have been obtained.  
They desire and strive for more. 

KFI Trainings

The Mentor

to Millions

KFI Trainings were conceived to help you create an environment in your business, your

relationships, in your life that attracts clients/customers, an environment that is profitable, smooth,

and professional. 

Trainings are valuable, cost-effective initiatives to provide solutions for those looking to maximize their talents and their goals with overall strategy and development.  Thousands of businesses have depended on Keith’s trainings.  Keith’s cut-to-the-chase coaching style will inspire the most experienced veteran or bulk up the newest rookie.

So, if you are looking to: 

  • Grow your client base
  • Increase Repeat Business
  • Be able to do what you want (live the life you desire)
  • Boost Your Sales (More $)

Time frames are unique.  It is time to let our journey together begin. Some of KFI's Most Popular Topics

SIP ~ Supreme Influence & Persuasion ~ Great for Your Sales Force, Network Marketing Companies, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

Rediscover the Leader in You ~ Great for all groups including Education Conferences 

The 1 More Mentality ~ If you are a sales professional, manager, team leader, entrepreneur or a liver of life, this course is an essential for you, your life, and your business.

The Unspoken Language ~ A Must for anyone ~ from teachers to parents, sales professionals to network marketers, from employees to CEO/Business Owners

Awaken the Results ~ Great for all groups including Education Conferences, TEAM Building Sessions, 30-minute moments of inspiration for your sales force, students, teachers, network marketing teams 

Kinect U ~ very popular with church retreats

You desire more!  You want solutions.  Are you looking for new and exciting ways to inspire/motivate your team while increasing/improving productivity?