The Mentor

to Millions

In April, 2003, Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, told Keith, "I see you becoming one of the all-time great inspiring speakers, teachers, leaders, and writers."  That is what he has become!

​"As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I have a need to constantly improve my skill set. Keith is the person I have chosen to mentor me. His integrity is the most important aspect of our relationship. He will always speak truth to me. 

Following integrity is his competence. Keith is a savvy and experienced business person who understands that all business transactions are based on interpersonal relationships. I depend on Keith to sharpen my skills in building meaningful relationships as I pursue my business activities. Finally, Keith cares about me. I know that I can trust him both implicitly and completely. You can find no finer mentor and friend than Keith Froehling."
-Tim Cummings, CEO Nashville

Now is the time to tap into your full potential.  Attend one of Keith’s live events or enroll in one of his teleclass/webinars.  (And, remember, Keith is available to bring this information right to you and your office!)

Opportunity doesn’t knock every day.  So, when the opportunity knocks to attend a KFI event, you want to open that door!


Keith Froehling

Keith’s events are electrifying.  In fact, they are more than a time to get motivated ~ more than a rah-rah session. You actually gain top insights that you will apply.

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