The Mentor

to Millions

Keith and his wife, Erin, learned the importance of keeping the faith ~ building your morale even when walking through a fire.  At the end of any trial is a success as long as you keep on building.  This is 

Patrick's Everyday Warriors ~ something Keith now brings into his trainings, events, and


Speaker with a Heart ~ Making a Difference and Leaving an Impact Keith and Erin are

creating a foundation in honor of their son, Patrick ~ Patrick’s Everyday Warriors.  This

foundation will help provide inspiration, support, prayer, and love to families and siblings who are traveling through a difficult journey.  To help build up those who have been called to be warriors in this world.  Many times when a child is diagnosed with an illness, the sibling is effected more than we think.  They fight just as hard and sometimes harder.  They sacrifice.  They love.  They hurt.  They are warriors.  And, it is the everyday person who steps up and fills the shoes of a warrior.

Keith Gets Personal  When you want someone to share with you the tips of success, you want someone who really knows them.  You gain this knowledge when you have had your path everything but easy.  Keith is a master at overcoming adversity and increasing passion in others so you are doing more than just going through the motions ~ from the time he was 17 facing death square in the eyes to, even as recent as early 2012, when his 21-month-old son, Patrick, was diagnosed with stage 4 Medulablastoma (a brain cancer).  After 115 days fighting, Patrick lost his earthly battle. 

Knowing he had a purpose, Keith thrusted himself into life by becoming one of the youngest city councilmen in the State of New York at the age of 18. Soon after, Keith met his first mentor, W. Clement Stone of Combined Life Insurance. Keith’s leadership qualities helped him become one of the top-producers for Combined Life, and to this day, Keith is still a sales and management record holder. 

Continuing his phenomenal career, Keith went on to shatter records working with Kay Jewelers. Then, he met his next mentor, Tony Robbins.  Working closely with Tony, Keith learned to master the art of communication and how to truly live on purpose. Keith soon found himself living with absolute certainty. He quickly achieved the esteemed role of Tony's "Top Trainer." Keith's experiences have taught him how to set and obtain his own goals and to share with others how to achieve peak performance.

Now, Keith has brought together his knowledge, his vision, and his passion into his cornerstone discipline ~ Rediscovering Your True Wealth and the branch of Sales Secrets and Communication Magic. 

Keith has shared his message of Rediscovering with millions of individuals and over 10,000 companies (including Fortune 500 companies) to enhance their internal and external communication ~ giving them the opportunity to achieve their peak performance in all areas of life.  Keith speaks with passion and energy, and it radiates from the stage. 

With over 20 years of business experience, Keith is truly living an extraordinary life. He has become a world-renowned peak performance mentor, inspirational speaker, communications trainer, corporate, team, & personal coach, as well as best-selling author.  His vision is to inspire and significantly impact people's lives – helping them to create a life filled with success: balance, self-love, compassion, and abundance.

Keith specializes in human behavior, communication, team passion, management through leadership, First Class Service, and Sales Mastery. Through his interactive workshops, live events, products, and trainings, Keith shares with his audience his passion, energy, the art of communication, influencing with integrity, building and maintaining relationships, peak performance, personal achievement, team building, as well as, leadership, sales and management strategies.

Keith’s adventure – striving to help others achieve peak performance through effective communication, mastering NLP, and pursuing your purpose!

At the young age of 17, Keith Froehling faced a life-and-death situation.  Instead of focusing on dying, he faced faith square in the eyes – choosing to live ~ living true to his motto:  Live your life with Absolute Certainty. He committed himself to discover his purpose.

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