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to Millions

Keith brings it in Sales Secrets and Commumication Magic! Wow is all I can say. I could listen to these CD's everyday. The information is powerful. It works. My communication skills and ability to persuade is getting me where I want to go! 
~ Erin Forte, Nashville, TN 

"Keith has done knowledgeable and inspirational lectures and teleconferences that I have been privileged to attend. He instructs with the care of a personal friend as well as mentor taking your cares and concerns as his own. Are you or your company are not positioned the way you want them this year? I would strongly suggest you consider consulting with Keith and finding out where and how changes could improve your life and business. Some times we need an outside eye to see things we do not, cannot see about ourselves and our business. Let Keith be that eye and I believe that you will increase your endeavors greatly." 
~ Daniel Hoober, CulinaryCurator


Nothing feels better than holding power in your hands ... it is called decisions or simply taking action. You can hold that power in your hands by choosing to pick a book, read it, and the take the actions your heart and mind are led to. Keith knows you are looking for that inspiration to pick up a book and find your heart and dreams wrapped up like a present inside. Here are your opportunities to gain that present ~ gain your dreams.

Finding Personal Freedom (Wake Up ... Live the Life You Love)

KFI Journal


Live with Certainty 
(3-CD Set)

Ignite the Power in You
(3-CD Set)

Live with Certainty Home Study Adventure
(9-CD's and Adventure Book) 

Sales Secrets and Communication Magic 
(4 1-hour CD's with digital worksheets or

4 1-hour downloads with digital worksheets)

Master YES Academy
(12-month program)

CD's, DVD's, and Digital Downloads

Live As If 
(10-minute CD that will change how you think)

Psychology of Success 
(1-hour CD)

7 Secrets to Fulfillment 
(1-hour CD)

Rediscover Your True Wealth
(4 DVD's and Workbook on CD)

Whatever your success, even with a million great things are happening in your life, there's always something you can (and want to) improve in your life. Keith Froehling helps you do that. He gives you the tools you need and desire. Apply those tools and you'll see results. Let Keith be your coach, mentor, personal trainer, and guide as you transform your life.

Those who continually achieve success have 1 big thing in common ~ they're hungry, they want it. They keep going. Their focus is on how to create and maintain momentum.

With that kind of drive, they will always achieve success.

That drive puts them on a quest for the right tools. What are you looking for? Want to have Keith sent your office, business, or home? Now ~ you can.  Here is a product overview so you know what is the best fit for you!

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