The Mentor

to Millions

He gives you the tools you need and desire. Apply those tools and you'll see results. Let Keith be your coach, mentor, personal trainer, and guide as you transform your life. Those who continually achieve success have 1 big thing in common.  They are hungry. They want it. They keep going. Their focus is on how to create and maintain momentum. Here is an overview of KFI Packages ~ find the best fit for you!

Sales Secrets and Communication Magic ... $50 

 4 1-hour downloads with digital worksheets
Recorded from a previous teleclass ~ these

4 CD's will rock your world (personally,

professionally, and especially when it comes

to selling)! They are packed with proven

techniques, tools, and strategies to increase

your “YES Factor.” You will get hands-on,

interactive exercises to build momentum in

your business, in your sales, and in your life.

  • Naturally arouse your customers with a mesmerizing presentation whether you are sending an email, leaving a voicemail, or creating marketing magic
  • Melt Resistance and Build Instant Trust & Rapport
  • Define what type of communicator you are & Better understand all 3 forms
  • Learn simple techniques of gentle hypnotic patterns in all forms of communication
  • Get the inside secrets to tie it all together and how to follow up with your clients

Live with Certainty Home Adventure ... $499 
(8-CD's and Workbook) 

This adventure is a proven step-by-step system that will open doors to your success. And, you will have the actions steps at your fingers to walk through the open doors. Yes, Keith gives you a map to set and ahcieve your goals!

If you want more successful and loving relationship,

it's yours. If you want to increase your wealth, count on it! If you want to live life with more energy, it is time to jump up and take action now!

Ignite the Power in You (3-CD Package) ... $99

This audio set is stacked with tips. Everyone has a vision, it is how and when you decide

to act that reveals the success of your

vision. This CD-set will share with you

how to attract the right relationship in

all areas of your life to build and

support your vision, your goals.

Increase your passion for life ~

thus increasing your sales and business

  • 3 Key Areas: Vision, Mastering Communication, Overcoming Fears
  • 4 Steps to Guarnatee Success
  • Discover the 7 Skills of a Person of Significant Influence
  • Learn the 5 Keys to wealth and happiness (and how to implement them!)

Live with Certainty  (3-CD Set) ... $45

Now is the time to step up and out of your comfort zone. Learn how with Keith's 3-CD Package

filled with Psychology of Success,

The Seven Secrets of Fulfillment and

Live As If. Keith designed these CD's

for those who are ready for success by

taking massive action.

  • Have Amazing Breakthorughs in
    7 Key Areas 
  • Get Productive (not just busy)
  • Score a touchdown in life by developing the necessary skills and habits
  • Stay Focused and on Path
  • Improve your marriage, your relationships, you family, your life!

"I have attended training seminars and coaching sessions put on by Keith for the last 18 months. During that time, I have come to know Keith as a man of high integrity and devout Christian values. He consistently puts the needs of others before his and works hard at providing the correct information that people need to take them to the next level so they can be what GOD designed them to be. I would highly recommend bringing Keith into any organization so that he can teach communcation, sales, and motivation traits used by highly effective people."          - Cliff McMahel, CT Software Systems

Are you ready for results? If you could receive 1 new tool to achieve your goals (personal, financial, professional, relationships) quicker and easier, you would do it, right! Keith Froehling helps you do that. 

KFI Packages