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For the 30, 45, 60, and even 90 minutes Keith is with you and your team ~ he is your partner.

Remember, keynotes can be run on any time period.  KFI bases it on your needs and requirements.  KFI believes in providing excellent customer service.  This is all about you!  

Keith’s Keynotes are great for groups of 10 to 10’s of thousands!  You’ll want to see him again and again.  It’s like the first time every time! 

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"We all must live together, supporting each other to succeed. It is the only way we can succeed."

      - Keith Froehling

When you focus on impacting lives, you are more than a passerby in life. - Keith Froehling

Keynote Topics Include:

Live As If
During Keith’s career ~ during his life ~ he has always heard the question, “How did you do that?”  And, Keith’s answer, “It starts with making better decisions.”  Keith will share the fundamentals of the 1 and Only:  How to Value Yourself (the glue to keeping it moving forward). When you Live As If, you carry a calm, cool confidence others want. Keith reveals what is behind the masks by giving you the 4 traits to make any goal happen.  And, wraps up with 3 Steps to Create Your Success Culture.

Reignite the Power in You
We are all ordinary people ~ some of us spark something extra! Keith brings a dynamic view of life ~ of being an everyday person ~ ready to spark more ~ something extra.  Thus, becoming extraordinary. The difference between first and second place is 1 thing.  It could have been 1 more practice.  1 more belief/value in yourself.  1 more run around the track.  That 1 more thing is action.  You must be action minded to find success.  And, with Reignite the Power in You ~ Keith brings you that 1 more thing.  He truly inspires you to take action through real life stories of walking the valley to climb and reach the top of the mountain.  Give your team extraordinary, and soar with success.

Focusing is an Art 
Are you waiting for the perfect time to get focused?  To get started on your goals?  There isn’t a perfect time, except for NOW!  You create the perfect time NOW!  4 Steps to maintain your focus – diminish distractions and reach massive, more rewarding goals quickly. Keith shares the 2 things you must know about kicking mental blockages.  When you are passionate about the real you ~ you can and will do anything!  Keith walks you through creating your personal mission ~ The Who You Are Brand.  Then, you can be flexible without compromising your goals. Finally, Keith grants you the knowledge ~ inspires you to take action with the How-to’s of taking action.

Tools to Empowerment
Boost You!  Take Charge of Your life!  It is time to develop the traits of the most effective and influential leaders.  With Tools to Empowerment you will exceed your own expectations!  Offer your team the tools they need to make it happen:  The 3 P’s of Empowerment, The Fire Hose of Communication, and Affirming Your Influence.

Developing Strategic Structure Rituals
Design self-sustaining systems that smoothly drive all the components of your business (sales, management, marketing, forecasting, customer service, etc.) without being a slave to it.  Keith shows you how to overcome the #1 reason individuals, businesses, teams, etc fail or slow down the success process.  The challenge Keith brings:  Productive vs. Busy.  You may have heard the saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person.”  Through this keynote, you find out if that is true or not!  He will give you the 5 steps to creating a self-sustaining system built around your personality, your team’s talents, and your goals.  

Keith grabs the audience’s attention right from the very beginning!  Using real life experiences and successes, Keith’s keynotes provide the audience a challenge.  The challenge of taking the “What if’s” in life and making them “Live As If’s”!

Live As If … you are already achieving your goals, like you have found your success!  When you change how you approach any situation ~ that positive change equals huge results!  HUGE!

Keith’s Keynotes are specialized in inspiring communication to take action and see results! As people look to improve their success in all key areas, Keith’s keynotes are key in developing the right strategy.  He fuses his corporate background (and achievements) with his triumphs as an entrepreneur and victories as business owners.  Keith’s keynotes are Breakthrough Focused!

By the end, your audience is on their feet ~ and the best part ~ they are inspired to take action in the areas you want!  Keith provides a powerful, positive experience.  Each moment builds on the previous until the audience erupts.  Keith’s warmth and passion for what he does is truly apparent. 

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